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Camp Topics

Mad Science Summer & School Break Camps



 Red Hot Robotics!

Build your very own robot and learn the incredible things robots can do! Experiment with robotic arms and infrared robots. Work with simple machines that can lift objects and launch them into the air, and even make your very own catapult! Create your own scientific reaction while learning about the nuts and bolts of the universe!


Nature Explorers

Do you enjoy excitement and adventure and danger? Ok... Well maybe not danger but some really cool stuff!!! You will traverse the land as you explore nature and its many beasts and you’ll discover new and exciting things every day! Watch out though as you test for Acid Rain!!! Create your own bug habitat and even see what an owl has for lunch while dissecting an owl pellet!! You’ll also work on your very own Crystal Garden!! Calling all Jr. Geologists!!! We are going to travel to the center of earth and find out just what our planet is made of!! Don’t miss out as we get deep into Mineral Mania and enter into... THE WILD!

Rocketry - Rocket Building

Blast your way into rocket science!  Learn about Space travel; build your own rocket made of recycled materials.  Investigate anti-gravity and Newtons Laws of Motion first-hand. Learn about propulsion with air propelled miniature rockets. Make your own comet and create bubbling potions with Dry Ice. Learn about parachutes, streamers, helicopters, and other types of recovery systems in this fun-filled day. Demonstrate the rocket principles that you have learned all week with a launching finale!


 Advanced Robotics

Roll your way into robot science.  Experiment with different robot designs, as you learn what makes a robot work. Discover the world of robots as we investigate the differences between humans and their robotic counterparts. Each day some time will be spent perfecting a real working robot that we will finish and take home on Friday.


NASA: The Academy of Future Space Explorers 

Prepare to travel to the stars and beyond in this exciting program! Fasten your seat belts as we take a journey into outer space! We will explore the cosmos, from stars, to planets to asteroids and comets; you will truly be ready to blast off after every class! This program was designed in an exclusive partnership with NASA, and is not offered by any other enrichment organization. Over the course of this amazing and exciting program, they will create star boxes, cosmic chronometers, comets, and even a Rocket that they will take home with them! They will also take part in amazing rocket launch that will let their minds travel among the stars! Don’t be left behind on earth, by missing out on this fantastic program! Once the countdown begins, we can only Blast Off!!


 Wacky Watts & Forces

This camp is extremely electric!! Learn all about electricity, its properties and how we use it every day!! Make indoor lighting as you conduct Hair-Raising experiments and explore the amazing Tesla Coil! It promises to be shocking!!!! Jump in and investigate inertia, gravity, and centripetal force. Let’s join Bernoulli and Newton as we look into their work in aerodynamics and the properties of air!!! We will play Mad Science Air Hockey, Generate Vortex generators, and defy gravity as we levitate a ping pong ball!! Don’t Crack as we become Under Pressure!!


 Crazy Chem Works

In this awesome Mad Science program, we will take on the role of Jr. Chemist as we create and concoct with science! From super sticky stuff to the amazing dry ice-capades, each class will take you on a journey through hands-on and amazing science!  Create crazy chemical reactions, that pop, fizz, and even experiments that glow in the dark! Piece by piece through out our program you will get to put together your very own home lab, complete with beakers, test tubes and all the tools of a great Mad Scientist! Don’t miss out Crazy Chem Works! 


The Science of Summer 

Join us this summer as we explore all the different areas of science! Don’t look now…or well … actually do look, as we use our eyes in Optical Illusions and create their own periscope. Just when they thought they’ve had all of the awesome science they can handle, its time for Lights…Color...ACTION!! as we create indoor fireworks and lighten things up with fantastic lights and color displays, and as a grand finale to this amazing program the kids will learn all about heat and get to make their own cotton candy to eat!!


Secret Agent Lab

Become a science detective and solve crimes using scientific principles. Step into the shoes of a detective as you learn forensic science techniques in this fun filled who dunnit program. Create your own detective tool kit and use it to collect and analyze evidence from the crime scene. Learn about fingerprints, tooth prints and footprints and take home your very own identification profile kit.  


Eureka! - The Inventors Camp

Inventing means curiosity, practicality, necessity, and imagining the future! Join us in our Eureka Camp as we step into outer space by launching self-built stomp rockets. Children will sitness a volcanic eruption, and learn how magnets can help search for shipwrecks. They will work together to design & build bidges and boats to eventually escape an island and find their way home! Children will even have the chance to launch projectiles with catapults and a large trebuchet! 


   Brixology - Lego Based Camp

BRIXOLOGY Camp sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Kids learn about different types of engineering and then team up to construct a different engineering-themed project using LEGO® bricks.  They learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. They explore mechanical engineering as they build boats and vehicles. That’s not all, from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineer will build upon their creativity to solve real-world design challenges, while developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. Let the tinkering begin!

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 Crayola Artist's Passport 

Embark on an around-the-world cultural adventure − explore far-off places and learn about the people who live there, from the Americas to the Ivory Coast, from the cosmopolitan to the countryside. Experiment with Crayola® products, while trying art techniques developed by local artists and artisans. Make a different masterpiece each day, including a dot art canvas, a mini Pakistani bus, a mud art painting on fabric, and an imperial Russian egg! Bring the unique creations home and build a globally-inspired art gallery.



 Crayola World of Design

Think it! Draw it! Make it!

Crayola® World of Design is a summer camp that takes kids on a journey to the edges of their imagination – and beyond! They learn about Mars, the rainforest, and cities of the future, and get engaged in the creative design process to solve real-world problems. Each camp day focuses on a specific field of design, and our young architects, illustrators and graphic designers develop their ideas from concept, to sketch, to finished product. They bring their concepts to life by experimenting with Crayola® products, and exploring art techniques like sculpting, storyboarding, mixed media, and collage. Combining art, design, fun active games and inspiring themes from around the world, this camp is designed to inspire! 


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